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    The Principality of Monaco is an independent and sovereign country located on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Monaco welcomes you

The Principality of Monaco is an
independent and sovereign country located on the northern coast
of the Mediterranean Sea.

With a cosmopolitan population and economic structure made up of small and medium sized companies, highly profitable businesses and high-rise industrial workshops, Monaco’s economic reality sets the example for originality and ingeniousness.

Latest News

Monaco Matin

Découvrez le Grand JT des territoires du samedi 6 avril
April 6th

Le groupe Nice-Matin est partenaire du Grand JT des Territoires de Cyril Viguier diffusé sur TV5 Monde. Ce journal télévisé, suivi par des millions de téléspectateurs à l’international, met en valeur les initiatives et les réussites dans les territoires français. Voici le sommaire de ce samedi.

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Monaco Tribune

Cat show back in Monaco this weekend
April 6th

The pretty kitties will be at Espace Léo-Ferré on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April.

Organised by the De Gati de Mùnegu non-profit, the 6th edition of this unique beauty contest will feature over 220 cats belonging to 80 different breeders. Over 20 races will be present, including some rare ones such as the Pixie Bob, which looks like a little lynx.

Some owners enter their animal because they are from Monaco of course but others make the trip from all over Europe: France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, for example, or even from the United States.

Edina Csora, Louis Coste, Yann Gobrecht, Thierry Fontaine and André Delsin are the five European judges who will decide the most handsome among them. And, as ever, there will be stands selling equipment, food and products for cats. Visitors will also find a wide range of cat-themed souvenirs.

Practical details:

Where: Espace Léo-Ferré, 25 Avenue Albert II

When: the exhibition is open from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The blessing will take place on Saturday at 9 am.

Pricess : 10 euros for over 13s, half price for 6-13 year olds, free for under 6s.

Please note: the nearest car park is the Papalins, 300 mètres from the venue.

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Prince Albert II in Peace and Sport #WhiteCard campaign
April 5th

The Sovereign is calling on the international community to promote peace through sport on April 6.

Involved in the #WhiteCard campaign organised by Peace and Sport since 2020, Prince Albert II again bradished the now traditional white card. The symbolic gesture means being part of the “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.”

The Sovereign shared his commitment to the cause in an Instagram video: “As we navigate these challenging times, it is imperative to carry the message of peace, whether through a collective voice raised in unison or simple gesture of solidarity. Every action has the potential to make a difference.”

Begun by Peace and Sport in 2013, the campaign has seen many international celebrities promote the event, including Didier Drogba, former football player, and the last edition’s ambassador.

The white card enables you to show your support for the movement, wherever you are. As opposed to the yellow and red cards used in sport, the white card is not used as a punishment, but rather to promote peace.

Like Prince Albert II, you too can wave a white card to celebrate peace through sport!

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CHPG: “revolutionary” new approach to treat hypertension
April 5th

Ultrasound renal denervation is performed under general anaesthetic and takes around thirty minutes.

It affects one in three adults in France*, i.e. 17 million people… While hypertension – high blood pressure – may seem to be a harmless condition, it can lead to serious, sometimes fatal complications. It is the leading cause of stroke and of dementia, the second leading cause of heart attacks and the second highest contributing factor to heart failure. Painless and without any particular symptoms, it is only detected in half of all cases, hence its reputation as a “silent killer”.

‘Normal’ blood pressure should not exceed 140/90 mmHg, and you can measure it yourself using a blood pressure monitor (on the arm or wrist), which can be bought in chemists’ or certain supermarkets for a few dozen euros. The home test is also recommended by healthcare professionals as it avoids “white coat syndrome” – anxiety and therefore a rise in blood pressure – experienced by some on a visit to the doctor’s surgery. You can find the list of approved devices on Stridebp.org, which will be available soon in French.

Kidneys are the key

Until now, the CHPG has had two solutions for treating patients who suffer from hypertension: advocating lifestyle changes (eating less salt, losing weight, exercising, stopping smoking), or treatment through drugs. But in the last fortnight or so, a third option has been introduced: renal denervation using interventional radiology ultrasound.

The procedure requires two nights in hospital – © CHPG 

For those of us who didn’t go to medical school, here’s a simple explanation from Professor Atul Pathak, who is also President of the French Hypertension Society: “when you have high blood pressure, the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) is put under stress. It is present throughout the body, including in nerve fibres around the arteries that lead to the kidneys and communicate with the brain.” 

Renal denervation involves destroying these small electrical wires around the artery of the kidney, which are thought to be responsible for high blood pressure. “To access the renal artery, we put a small wire up through the femoral artery in the groin. On the end of it is a device that emits ultrasound, which destroys the nerve fibres. It’s a real revolution,” says the specialist.

A first procedure on 8 March

On 8 March 2024, Professor Atul Pathak’s cardiology team and Professor Giuseppe Guzzardi’s interventional radiology team achieved a major first, treating two hypertensive patients for whom drug treatments had been unsuccessful, using this “very safe” method, which was first developed in Australia in 2009 by an American start-up. “It’s a technique that makes it possible to reduce blood pressure while avoiding too many drugs or ones that may have undesirable side-effects,” says the head of the cardiology department at the CHPG, while not ruling out the possibility that there will be “non-responders”,  patients who will not improve after the innovative therapeutic procedure.

Women are particularly at risk of hypertension, as a result of the contraceptive pill, pregnancy or the menopause.

The Monegasque hospital currently has the capacity to treat 25 patients, but the number is set to increase rapidly. “I think we should be able to reach 100 this year,” says Professor Atul Pathak. The CHPG is the only facility to offer this technology within a radius stretching from Genoa in Italy to Perpignan.

* According to Santé Publique France figures in 2023.

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Sass’ Café involved in Monaco pimping case
April 5th

The closing arguments of both the prosecution and defence were expected on Thursday. 

Frequented by local and international stars such as Lady Gaga, Johnny Hallyday and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Sass’ Café on Princess Grace Avenue is in turmoil.

Among the eight defendants summoned before the criminal court on Wednesday this week, is the current manager of the restaurant/nightclub, Samuel Treves, the son of the founder, Sassa Treves. He is accused of having set up an “institutionalised policy” regarding prostitutes who frequent the establishment, and therefore, as reported by our colleagues from Monaco-Matin, gaining higher turnover “through drinks and tips paid into a shared ‘kitty’.” 

The Portuguese citizen in his forties risks a fine of €9,000 to €18,000, and between 6 months and 3 years in prison, for procuring. He appeared in court along with seven other defendants, all on the same charges, except for a man who is also accused of drug offences and a woman who is also charged with money laundering.

“My name has been sullied”

As Monaco-Matin reveals, the case dates back to 2020, following anonymous witness statements that appear to be from sex workers, reporting drug trafficking. However after questioning them, the investigating officers suspected procuring was involved. In the magistrates’ view, the offence had indeed been committed, and remanded the eight accused before the court for allegedly aiding, abetting or acting as an intermediary for sex workers. The court hearing began on Wednesday 3 April and is due to end on Friday 5 April.

In his defence, as reported by the Monegasque daily, Samuel Treves said: “I am not a pimp. I am a good person, a hard-working businessman, my name has been sullied.” Also according to Monaco-Matin, prostitutes have been barred from the Sass’ Café since the beginning of the case.

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Monaco Grand Prix: guests on your balcony? Here’s what you need to know
April 5th

A few weeks ago, a ministerial decree published in the Journal de Monaco introduced new safety measures concerning the use of terraces and balconies during the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Monegasque flats are rented out at a premium during Grand Prix weekends. And terraces in particular. Some are willing to pay tens of thousands of euros to watch the race from the apartment buildings. Port Hercule is perhaps the most popular, as it has a view of the Sunday afternoon’s GP starting grid. However, authorisations are required. Owners or tenants of balconies and terraces overlooking the circuit may welcome guests for the event, with permission. The procedures are clearly explained on the Monegasque government website.

If you want to watch the Formula 1 cars racing from the comfort of your own home, you first have to make sure that your balcony or terrace and its railings are in good repair, and that everything has been checked by “an authorised entity in the Principality.” Certificates of ownership or tenancy agreements will then be required to apply for and obtain passes from the Police Department. To get the ‘golden ticket’, you need to begin the process at least 30 days before the Grand Prix. Be aware that balconies may accommodate up to two people per linear metre of railing.

New regulations for balconies

The rules for balconies, terraces and loggias are set out in Ministerial Decree no. 2005-238 dated 9 May 2005. At the beginning of March, the Journal de Monaco published new articles concerning special measures “designed to guarantee an appropriate level of safety for the public in premises that are not, by design, open to the public.”

The owner or occupier is responsible for a number of measures. First of all, they must check that the flat or office has a fire detection system [or at least a functioning smoke detector Ed.], and that the flat or office has a carbon monoxide detector if the premises have a gas-fired boiler. Also it is requested that additional cooking applicants do not exceed 20 kW, and that extra gas cooking appliances and naked flames are banned.

Another new measure, a safety officer must be appointed for each flat or office concerned. That person must be “aware of the number of people present in the premises during the competitions, so as to be able to communicate this information without delay to the authorities at their request,”  and be able to raise the alarm with a potential security service in the building. The designated person must also comply with the provisions of Ministerial Order no. 2018-1079 dated 21 November 2018, as amended, relating to fire resistance of fittings used during the Grand Prix races.

All of the measures are to make sure you enjoy the 81st Monaco Grand Prix from 23 to 26 May 2024 – safely!

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Monaco Life

Interview: ATP Top 10 tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov
April 6th

As the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters kicks off this weekend, Monaco Life talks to Grigor Dimitrov to discover the man behind the tennis player. From his favourite pastimes in Monaco to his dedication to family and fitness, Dimitrov shares his perspectives on life, career milestones, and the advice that continues to guide him.

After a stellar performance to reach the finals in the recent Miami Open, Grigor Dimitrov has returned to the ATP top 10 in great form, ready to battle it out at this year’s Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters from 6th to 14th April.

It is an exciting time for Grigor Dimitrov, a Monaco Resident. Born in Haskovo, Bulgaria, in 1991, Dimitrov was introduced to tennis when he was just three years of age. He was barely able to hold the racquet given by his mother, Maria, a sports teacher and volleyball player. Still, the young Dimitrov started to play tennis every day, coached by his father Dimitar.

As Grigor Dimitrov tells Monaco Life, his family has been a constant support throughout his career – emotionally and financially. After becoming a professional at age 16, Dimitrov achieved a career-high singles ranking of World No. 3 in 2017 at 27 years of age.

Dimitrov’s style and skill on the court make him a captivating player to watch, earning him widespread acclaim as one of the most entertaining athletes in the Top 20. Despite media attention often focusing on his personal life, Dimitrov, characterised by his wisdom, candor, respect, and resilience, the ATP No. 9 says he is able to block out the noise and focus on his game, and life.

Grigor Dimitrov with the runner-up trophy at the Miami Open 2024. Photo credit: Elsa / Getty Images

Monaco Life: Let’s get personal. What do you like to do when you are in Monaco?

Grigor Dimitrov: To be honest, I like spending time with my family at home. We have a natural connection, and we all take pleasure in reliving moments of simple sharing by cooking together, for example. We can also meet up with family and friends in some of the many restaurants in Monaco.

How do you spend your free time off the tennis court?

I am trying to live my life to the fullest. I spend as much time with my family and friends and try to get home to Bulgaria as often as possible. Being with my family is incredibly precious because, in the end, I only see them a few times a year. We are constantly in touch by telephone or message, but there is nothing like the real moments spent together.

Fitness and staying in shape are constants, so even in my downtime, you can still find me in the gym or even taking yoga classes.

You are a jet setter. What is your advice for people who are constantly on the go?

Always have your basics prepared. There’s a core set of things you need, no matter the season, the weather, or the type of place you’re going. Always pack those first and then focus on the location-specific items.

What kind of traveler are you?

I love to explore when I have the opportunity. Whether in museums, visiting historical sites, or natural wonders; I love discovering and enjoying what the world has to offer.

What is your favourite cuisine in the world? Do you like to cook?

I am indeed lucky to have discovered a considerable number of types of cuisine during my travels. Last year’s Asian season was very interesting, and I admit to having made the most of the culinary discoveries possible. I rarely have time to cook, but when I have the chance, I really enjoy it!

What other interests do you have apart from tennis?

I love art and take great pride in my art collection. I also like design and am currently renovating my home. I’m also a big runner; even in the winter, you can find me trekking in the snow.

Grigor Dimitrov wearing Lacoste in Bulgaria. Photo credit: Laclef Production

You are the face of Lacoste. What appeals to you about modeling?

I love fashion and the ability to be involved in living art. It has many opinions and viewpoints, and it is an exciting contrast between sports and my daily life. Fashion has always inspired me creatively, and I am blessed to be able to live out that passion in colour!

Let’s talk about tennis. You are back at the top of your game; what drives you, and what are your goals going forward?

The motivation remains intact and changes over the years. I now have more experience, and physically working with my team allows me to always be very efficient. Thanks to all this, I can say that my best career years have arrived.

My main goal is to keep the momentum going and continue down the path of success I have worked so hard to pave for myself.

They say the 30s are the new 20s. What is your outlook on the game now that you are 32?

The game has evolved enormously over the last 10 years. The players who arrive on the circuit are already physically fit, and everybody is faster and stronger. You must move forward simultaneously and adapt quickly.

What inspires you to keep going and get better?

The desire to win!

Grigor Dimitrov, the Face of Lacoste, in Bulgaria. Photo credit: Laclef Production

Which significant advice did you get that still guides you to this day?

One of the most important pieces of advice I received from my mum is to be a good person, authentic, compassionate, and without making hasty judgments.

You made a new addition to your coaching staff ahead of the 2023 season: Jamie Delgado, former coach of Andy Murray, who now collaborates with your longtime coach Daniel Vallverdu. How is that collaboration going?

Jamie and Daniel have different approaches but a common goal. It’s a great collaboration with many complementarities. Everyone’s objective is to work with me on essential and specific points to meet my overall objectives.

What is your competitive edge when playing against younger players?

The experience gained over the years is undeniable, as is my ability to adapt to the modern game. I believe that I can always hinder these young players in their desire to impose their rhythm on the court.

What kind of counsel would you give a player just turning professional?

Keep your eyes open for all avenues of opportunity and take advantage of the time you have as a professional to push yourself to your full potential. Stay confident, and there’s always the next match.



Interview: Conductor Kazuki Yamada, Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Main photo: Grigor Dimitrov at Miami Open 2024: Credit: Peter Staples / Getty Images



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Roca Team strengthens position in EuroLeague Top 4 with victory against Zalgiris Kaunas
April 5th

In a crucial EuroLeague clash on home turf, AS Monaco’s Roca Team edged past Zalgiris Kaunas to secure a narrow won victory on Thursday 4th April.

The tightly contested game, which ended 69-66 in Monaco’s favour, has propelled the team to second in the EuroLeague standings, making a finish in the Top 4 ever more likely.

Missing key player Terry Tarpey due to surgery, the Rocas still fielded a strong lineup, with Donatas Motiejunas and Mike James making important contributions to the overall score.

From the outset, AS Monaco demonstrated a dominant defensive strategy, aggressively halting Zalgiris Kaunas’s attempts to establish their game. Motiejunas’s scoring and James’s strategic plays quickly gave AS Monaco an early lead, which influenced the rest of the game.

Coach Sasa Obradovic commented on the significance of the victory, saying, “This match and the fact that we played like this is very important for the team going forward. It’s too early to congratulate the team, but it’s one more win towards securing our place in the Top 4. Home-field advantage is important, we know that”

This victory sets the stage for Monaco’s final EuroLeague game against Bayern on 11th April at Salle Gaston Médecin, where a win would solidify their position and secure a considerable home advantage for the ensuing playoffs.


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Photo credit: AS Monaco Basket Facebook

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Past achievements and future successes toasted at the General Assembly of the Monaco Economic Board
April 5th

320 business leaders and local officials turned out for the Monaco Economic Board’s General Assembly meeting at the Hôtel Hermitage on 28th March, which championed the “better and better, and more and more” successes achieved by the Principality’s business scene over the last year. 

The meeting is the 48th such event to have been held by the MEB since its inception in 1999 and while it provided a platform to congratulate the businesses present on their achievements, the focus was clearly on the future.  

MEB Chair Michel Dotta opened the meeting with words of praise for the MEB and those gathered before introducing Monaco’s new Minister of Finance, Pierre-André Chiappori. 

See more: Pierre-André Chiappori becomes Monaco’s new finance minister

So far in 2024, representatives of the MEB have embarked on a trade mission to the Saudi capital of Riyadh and another similar venture in Morocco will be taking place between 15th and 18th April.  

The MEB’s agenda is also packed with a range of upcoming local events on topics such as macroeconomic forecasts, sport business, artificial intelligence and intellectual property in conjunction with the group’s sponsors and partners, which include the likes of Banque Populaire Méditerranée, BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Gramaglia, Jutheau Husson, Monaco Asset Management and, new in 2024, CFM Indosuez Wealth Management, the Monterra Wealth Management Investment Fund and the Ordre des Experts Comptables de Monaco. 

From left to right: Guillaume Rose, Executive General Director of the MEB; Pierre Dartout, Minister of State; Michel Dotta, President of the MEB; Pierre-André Chiappori, Government Advisor and Minister of Finance and the Economy. Photo credit: Monaco Economic Board

Collaborations, notably with Monaco’s diplomatic and consular corps and the Attractiveness Unit headed up by Frédéric Genta, will continue throughout 2024 as part of an economic development strategy aimed at attracting ever more investors and wealthy residents to the Principality.  

Additionally, Team Monaco, the entity responsible for uniting the efforts of public and private sector companies in the international promotion of Monaco, will be very busy over the next few months with various missions and projects in the works.  

Minister Chiappori closed the meeting with a speech on Moneyval progress and praised the Principality’s reactiveness, saying he was “dazzled to see the strength and speed with which we have been able to respond to these new imperatives”. 

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Photo credit: Monaco Economic Board

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Coming soon: Unlimited monthly train pass for France’s under 27s that costs just €49
April 5th

By the summer, under 27s in France will be able to enjoy unlimited rail travel on the nation’s TER and Intercités lines, outside of the Île-de-France area, thanks to a new train pass.

Back in September, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the creation of a discounted rail pass for the country’s youth at the Congress of Regions of France in Saint-Malo.  

Although not all of France’s regions were initially convinced by the idea, the concept will soon become a reality, with plans to roll out the €49 per month pass for those under the age of 27 by the start of the summer. 

See more: Trenitalia announces plans for two new train lines through the south of France

Minister for Transport Patrice Vergriete is leading the charge in favour of the new pass, which will allow unlimited travel on all TER and Intercités lines outside of the Île-de-France region, home to the capital of Paris.  

The pass is currently be trialled in certain parts of the country and the authorities have pledged to reconsider the exemptive status of the Île-de-France by 2025.  

For more information on the pass, click here

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Photo source: Nabih el Boustani, Unsplash

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“My body won’t allow me”: Injured Rafael Nadal pulls out of Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters
April 5th

Rafael Nadal, the five-time world men’s tennis champion, has announced that he will not play at the upcoming Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tournament due to a muscle injury sustained at the Australian Open in January.  

The 37-year-old tennis star has had a spate of injuries that have forced him to withdraw from tournaments over the past few years, the latest of which being the 2024 Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters.  

See more: Monaco to run free shuttle service during Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters

Nadal’s frustration was palpable in his social media post on X: “These are difficult times for me sportingly speaking. Unfortunately, I inform you that I am not going to play in Monte-Carlo. My body just won’t let me… And even if I am working hard and making the maximum effort every day with all the will to play and compete again at tournaments that have been very important for me, the truth is that I can’t play today. You have no idea how hard this is for me to not be able to play these events.” 

His indomitable spirit was evident in the post, as was his disappointment, with the legendary player sharing, “The only thing I can do is to accept the situation and try to look at the immediate future, keeping the excitement and will to play in order to give me a chance for things to get better. Thanks again to all, as always, for all the support and best wishes!” 

A perennial crowd-favourite, Nadal has won the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tournament a stunning 11 times.  

The Monte-Carlo Masters, now in its 117th year, will take place at the Monte-Carlo Country Club from 6th to 14th April. 

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Photo source: Rafael Nadal, X

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